Brother Mouzone:
The “Cultured” Hit-man
Paul Martin
From "Reformation" 3.10 The Wire.
BO’s provocative series The Wire is laden with
examples of brutal murders, violence, and
torture. The program contains a number of
propositions about the impact of violence on the
community and the different ethical codes of those who
carry out the violence. Usually, the violence is carried
out on the street in a guerilla guns blazing fashion, but
every so often, a more formal “hit” is ordered on a
person then one of the so-called “muscle” in the drug
world is called upon to conduct the killing. These killers
often bear little resemblance to the highly-skilled and
professional contract killers of the gangster film genre
other than their apparent lack of remorse for their
vicious actions. Instead, the violent actors in The Wire
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