State Senator Clay Davis:
Evading the Cycle of Political Redemption
Sara Hendricks
From "Took," 5.07 The Wire.
he city of Baltimore, as The Wire constantly likes
to remind its viewers, is decaying from the inside
out. It has turned rotten, in large part, due to its
myopic, self-serving leaders. In considering Baltimore
a moldering city, there is no character more apt to
represent this decay than State Senator Clay Davis, a
politician who indiscriminately pockets bribes from drug
lords and mayoral hopefuls alike while showing little to
no regard for his constituents.
A corrupt politician on his own is not very
interesting, however. What makes Davis, a single
player in a veritable wash of similarly shady
government workers, interesting is not that he is
corrupt but that he does not go through any cycle of
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