Mayor Clarence Royce: The Selfish Mayor
Alexandra Harper
From "Time After Time" 3.01 The Wire.
eason Three of The Wire begins with newcomer
Mayor Clarence Royce announcing the
demolition of the Towers. During the season’s
opening scene, Royce is shown asking his audience if
they are ready for a “New Baltimore” where low and
moderately priced housing will be available. Royce’s
“Baltimore” refers not only to housing opportunities, but
also to the new era in Season Three where politics will
be at the center of the main story arc. Portrayed by
Glynn Turman, the character of Mayor Royce is known
for valuing loyalty in his peers or subordinates but also
putting his career ahead of the needs of the city
through the manipulation of department politics.
When Mayor Royce is first introduced, he is in
the process of seeking reelection. As his advisor
Coleman Parker explains, however, Royce is politically
vulnerable because of Baltimore’s rising crime rate,
and first district council member Thomas “Tommy”
Carcetti’s possible run for the seat. While Royce
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