Failure as the Teacher Savior
Alexa Erb
From "Home Rooms," 4.03 The Wire
naïve, fresh face stands at the front of a dingy
classroom looking out into a sea of good, but
troubled kids. This is a familiar scene for most
American film and television viewers. The “teacher
savior” narrative is one we have seen develop in works
like Dangerous Minds, Freedom Writers, and Stand
and Deliver. In Season Four of The Wire, Roland
“Prez” Pryzbylewski’s story arc within the Baltimore
public school system seems to follow the “teacher
savior” narrative. Upon closer analysis, however, Prez
fails to meet key requirements of this classification.
Prez’s failure as the teacher savior is an example of
The Wire, yet again, bringing attention to an issue
rather than creating tidy resolutions.
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