The Lost Potential of Duquan Weems
Emily Nedvidek
From "Unto Other," 4.07. The Wire
n what has become common practice for The Wire,
the Season Four premiere introduces the audience
to a host of new characters. The difference this
time, however, is that many of these new additions
seem to have just hit puberty. Not long into the first
episode, the characters of Namond Brice, Michael Lee,
Randy Wagstaff, and Duquan “Dukie” Weems are
introduced as a group of mischievous, yet seemingly
harmless, adolescents (4.01). The dynamic of their
friendship is established as the four attempt to capture
birds or rather the first three of them are invested in
the caper while Duquan wanders quietly off to the side
before breaking a bottle, thus ruining the scheme and
causing the others to scold and tease him. A fight
ensues but is quickly broken up as Michael protects
Dukie, and the bullying appears to be rather
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