A Rare Instance of Hope: Namond Brice
Laura Spurney
From “That's Got His Own,"4.12 The Wire
f the few narratives of promise in The Wire, the
story of Namond Brice is particularly
compelling. Growing up in the Western district
of Baltimore as the son of big-time soldier in “The
Game” Wee-Bey Brice, it is assumed that Namond will
follow in his father’s path and step-up as a dedicated
and loyal Barksdale soldier. After the fall of the
Barksdale organization and the rise of Marlo Stanfield’s
gang, however, survival in The Game requires more
scheming and brutality than Namond is suited to fulfill.
With pressure coming from all sides of his family and a
lack of success in school, Namond is originally
presented to viewers as another victim of the
institutions in play. With the help of Howard “Bunny”
Colvin and his new program, though, Namond’s future
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