Dennis “Cutty” Wise:
“I Ain’t Got It In Me No Mo’”
Katelyn VanderWeide
“Cutty” from an episode of The Wire
n the Season Three premiere of The Wire, Dennis
“Cutty” Wise, an ex-Barksdale soldier, is nearing
parole from a fourteen-year sentence after turning
himself in for murder. Upon release, Cutty instantly
sees that “The Game” is continuing on as it did before
his incarceration, but he comes to see that what has
changed is his dedication to the violent drug war. With
no other means to generate an income, however, Cutty
hesitantly rejoins the rest of Barksdale’s army in the
Baltimore streets where he was once considered a
legend. His apprehension about re-entering The
Game is validated the moment Cutty cannot pull the
trigger when given the task and opportunity to take out
one of competing drug boss Marlo Stanfield’s top
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