Wee-Bey: A Man of Contrasts
Allison Kleinman
From "The Target," 4.05 The Wire
ee-Bey, also known as Roland Brice, acts as
a respected and loyal member of the
Barksdale Organization from the beginning
of The Wire all the way until the end of the final season.
His reputation as a “cold hearted thug” is represented
throughout the majority of the series, and this earns
him much admiration from his fellow dealers (Viti 82).
He made the decision to drop out of school in the sixth-
grade when he began his drug-dealing career
alongside his closest friends, Avon Barksdale and
Russell “Stringer” Bell (“Roland Brice”). Wee-Bey’s
son, Namond, lives with his mother, De’Londa, who
wants him to grow up to become just like his father and
conquer the streets. Played by Hassan Johnson, Wee-
Bey is a man of contrasts, just like real people,
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