Calvin “Cheese” Wagstaff, The Last to Die
Meghan Collins
From: "-30-" 5.10 The Wire
alvin “Cheese” Wagstaff, the nephew of Joseph
“Proposition Joe” Stewart and the crew chief of
their organization, is an ironic character when
seen as a symbol of the importance of loyalty and the
necessity of preserving relationships in The Wire
because his lack of respect for such connections is
what eventually results in his own demise. Though
Cheese’s character doesn’t have a major role in the
series, the moves that he makes to take out his own
uncle, Prop Joe, have a significant impact on the
trajectory of the final season. Cheese’s principal flaw
is his complete lack of allegiance with anyone in the
series, as his opportunistic outlook on “The Game”
drives him to shift from one organization to another
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