Butchie: Loyal ‘Till The End
Allison Kleinman
From "Back Burners," 3.07 The Wire
utchie, although considered a minor character
within The Wire, plays a distinctive role within
“The Game” due to his strong friendship with
Omar Little, one of the most recognized thieves on the
streets of Baltimore. Appearing in all of the seasons
except the first, Butchie, played by the talented S.
Robert Morgan, acts as Omar’s banker and mentor.
He runs a bar in the city, a place in which he distributes
drugs and exchanges conversation with others
involved in The Game. While not seen as a character
that is directly connected to the inner-workings of The
Game itself, he maintains a discreet role throughout
many of the deals. Recognized on the show for being
physically blind, he has been able to improve other
senses that help him to successfully, and uniquely,
communicate with others. Butchie, regardless of his
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