We want to acknowledge those who have helped us
produce this anthology. First and foremost, we are
grateful to Bill Kane and Library Partners Press for
guidance on all matters related to the publication of the
book. Without Bill, this project would not have
happened. (Of course, he may also be grateful to us,
too, since this project motivated him to watch The
Wire.) The faculty and staff at Z. Smith Reynolds
Library are beyond compare. Molly Keener advised us
ably on all matters related to copyright and fair use,
which was a brave, new, and ever-changing world for
editors and contributors alike. Our technical consultant
Hu Womack assembled a technology team and led the
effort to help us (legally!) bring images to the book.
Thanks to Hu and to Barry Davis and Thomas Dowling.
And, Mary Reeves, our reserves and media
coordinator, cheerfully made sure we had all of the
resources needed for the course and ensured
availability. We would be remiss not to mention Steve
Jarrett of the Communication Department, who went
above and beyond the call of duty to solve technical
issues inside the classroom you know what we’re
talking about! And, finally, departmental support staff
keep it all together by performing largely invisible
things weekly if not daily. No one keeps us all on track
better than Patty Lanier.
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