Stringer and Avon:
B&B Enterprises Gets Icarus Burned
Jacob Shubert
From "Moral Midgetry," 3.08 The Wire.
ussell “Stringer” Bell is The Wire’s Icarus.
Icarus, a tragic character in Greek mythology,
rode his hubris too close to the sun, melted the
wax off his wings, and fell into the sea, ultimately
resulting in his death. He did not listen to what he was
told, and he flew too high toward a place too hot for his
natural limitations. Stringer, a tragic character in The
Wire, rode his hubris and machismo too close to
Baltimore’s bright zenith of economic development,
watched the stability in his life evaporate around him,
and fell into a sea of betrayal, which ultimately results
in his death. He ignores what society and his best
friend and business partner, Avon Barksdale, tells him.
Thus, like Icarus before him, he flies too high toward a
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