Carter, the coach is asked to come back to his old high school and coach
a rowdy group of guys who need discipline in their lives. Every day, they
have to face their immediate circumstances of being in a corrupt school
system that does not prepare them for higher education. Likewise, in
McFarland, USA, Coach Jim White takes a coaching job in a high school
with similar issues where educators do not expect students to succeed
and don’t equip their students with what they need to go on to higher
level education. The central characters in this movie are “pickers,”
meaning they do back-breaking field work day in and day out picking
produce. Like their fathers, they do this work for minimal pay and do
not see much in store for their futures besides impoverished living.
Finally, Coach Herman Boone in Remember the Titans is tasked with
integrating the T.C. Williams High School football team just after the
school system has introduced integration. He is given a team of majority
black players and a team of majority white players who clash
immediately and are not on board with integrating the football program.
Beyond the field, the coach and players face the realities that come with
living in a segregated society. Their internal as well as external struggles
are the focus of this classic movie that still feels very relevant today.
Coach Herman Boone, Coach Ken Carter and Coach Jim White
all possess the same five characteristics that good teachers in
Hollywood films demonstrate. I will now break down each of these five
elements, explaining how they are demonstrated through each coach.
Since I am discussing coaches in film instead of teachers in film, each
element may slightly differ but still follows the same basic theme. I will
also define the sixth element that I have found these three coaches to
have in common, making up a revised version of The Hollywood Model
that is specific to coaches in iconic films.
An Outsider, Not Well-liked by Other Teachers
In the case of the good coach, they are not well-liked by other
teachers/coaches. Depending on the school system and the individual,
some coaches may double as a coach and a teacher. In Coach Herman
Boone’s case, he is considered an outsider by the original coaching staff
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