at T.C. Williams High School. Upon integration, Coach Boone is
brought on the football staff as head coach, and he is not warmly
greeted by the existing, all white coaching staff. Coach Boone’s very
existence as the only black man in the coaching conversation
automatically positions him as an outsider to his predecessors. Upon
arrival at T.C., Coach Boone is greeted with immense racial tension.
Coach Boone decides to keep two of the white coaches from the
existing staff and also brings in some members of his own staff, who
help to bring more color to the coaching staff. The previous head coach,
Coach Yoast (Will Patton), also makes it clear that he does not like
Coach Boone from the beginning. In one instance, Coach Yoast pulls
Coach Boone aside during camp and tells him he’s working the boys
too hard, and the tension between them results from different methods
of coaching as well as a struggle over power and discomfort over racial
Coach Jim White is both a teacher and a coach. He is
“overqualified” for the position he accepts at the beginning of the film,
but he has landed in a low-caliber program as a result of his own actions.
His past experience makes him an outsider because it separates him
from other teachers and coaches in the school. Before beginning his
career as a track and cross country coach, Coach White gets into a bit
of an altercation with the head football coach, who feels that White is
challenging his power. Not surprisingly, he does not like Coach White
throughout the remainder of the film. In the beginning of the movie,
Coach White is also very different from a female teacher, Maria Marisol
(Vanessa Martinez), whom viewers are introduced to in the movie for
the purpose of drawing the contrast. Marisol cares a lot for her students
on a personal level while Coach White makes it clear at the beginning
that he is just there to collect a check. His attitude on this matter will
slowly change throughout the movie.
Coach Carter is just a coach rather than serving also as a
classroom teacher, and this automatically positions him as an outsider,
separate from other teachers in terms of his job and the space he
occupies. He is also a business owner, a distinction that definitely sets
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