him apart from majority of the staff at Richmond High School.
Throughout the movie, Coach Carter gets a lot of push back from the
community. They deem him to be an outsider, even though he is from
the Richmond area, as a result of his unconventional coaching methods.
After closing the gym to try to get his players to focus on their grades,
Coach Carter is yelled at, spit upon, and has a brick thrown through his
store window. He is treated this way because he challenges the status
quo and takes an unpopular action, all hallmarks of the outsider
Involvement With Students on a More Personal Level
It is because he is willing to make a hard choice, however, that
Coach Carter offers an amazing example of a coach getting involved
with students on a personal level. He realizes the system is set up for
these students to fail, and he will not be a part of the perpetuation of
this cycle. With four seniors on the team whom he wants to play at the
college level, the coach recognizes that there is a serious lack of
accountability because the players’ only responsibility has been to play
ball. As a result, Coach Carter implores drastic but necessary measures
to help them take their studies seriously. Coach Carter closes the gym
until all players’ grades improve. He requests progress reports from
each of their teachers and sets up study hall/tutoring sessions for the
team. He knows what it would take to get the guys eligible to play
basketball as well as achieve a degree at the collegiate level, so he goes
the extra mile in ensuring that both elements are up to par.
Likewise, Coach Boone takes a special interest in one player’s
grades in particular. Louie Lastik (Ethan Suplee) does not think of
himself as someone capable of accomplishing much academically.
Coach Boone is not going to accept that and asks Lastik to share his
test scores regularly so that they can go over them together. Coach
Boone wants college to be an option for Lastik, even though Lastik
does not think that is a possibility for himself. By the end of the movie,
viewers see Lastik bringing scores to Coach Boone, exclaiming he has a
C+ average and is going to college. In addition to Coach Boone’s effort
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