statistic. When Coach Carter requests progress reports for his players,
Principal Garrison does not support him and, as a result, does not
follow up on having teachers fill out these reports. She does not
understand what this has to do with coaching and challenges every
decision the coach makes, including the lockout. Coach Carter also
gives Principal Garrison some pushback when she gets on him for not
sticking to his duties as a basketball coach. She tells him to start doing
his job, and he tells her to start doing hers, alluding to her responsibility
to challenge these students and push them to do more. Coach Carter
also has conflict with the school board, which overrules his decision to
lock the gym and formally ends the lockout.
In Remember the Titans, the board ultimately wants Coach Yoast
back in the head coach position and not Coach Boone. To gain a bit of
perspective, the board is comprised of all white, middle aged or older,
men. Almost all of the tension here is created solely upon the issue of
race, and not Coach Boone’s competency as a coach. They are rooting
for Coach Boone to fail and have plans to fire him after the team’s first
loss. The board’s racial prejudices go so far in the movie as to take away
a man’s credibility and boost the credibility of another all because of the
color of one’s skin.
In McFarland, USA, the tension with administration is not as
prominent as it is in the other two films. I think this is due to the
administration desperately needing another teacher and coach on staff,
which is part of the reason Coach White gets the job in the first place
because his temper has caused him to lose previous positions coaching
more prestigious teams at better funded schools. Principal Camillo
(Valente Rodriquez) is a little leery about bringing Jim White on staff,
and the administrator sits the coach down in his office and discusses
some of his discipline problems, asking White if he would have any of
those issues at McFarland. Coach White makes a commitment to
behave. From that point on, there are not many more negative run-ins
with administration. Throughout the rest of the movie, major conflicts
come from the tough situations facing the school and the students,
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