most of which are related to scarce resources and race and class
Personalizing Curriculum to Meet Every Day Needs in Students’ Lives
Instead of personalizing the classroom curriculum, Coach
White has to personalize his coaching curriculum for his players. Most
of them are not equipped to play football, so he finds something they
are equipped to do, which is run distance. He also knows they need this
outlet, so we see him focused more on learning about the sport to coach
the team better than we see him spending time and energy on lesson
plans for his classes. After the boys’ first race, he realizes they are
horribly prepared for the hills in Palo Alto and that this lack of
preparation is a result of his coaching. He pivots their training and
incorporates a hill workout to prepare them better for the next race.
Coach Boone realizes early on that if this team of black and
white players is going to play together, then they need to know one
another. As a result he makes them integrate their team buses as well as
room with someone of another race at football camp. During camp
when coach realizes this still is not working, he decides the team will
have three-a-day practices until they get to know each person to the
right and left of them. He also asks players what they have learned about
each other and makes them share in front of the entire team.
I personally love the contracts Coach Carter makes his players
sign to be on his basketball team. He recognizes the severity of the boys’
current circumstances, so he knows he cannot treat this as any old
coaching job. He has to change his curriculum and go above and
beyond with these boys. In order to be on the team, the boys have to
sign contracts agreeing they will maintain the minimum required grade
point average, sit in the front of their classes, and wear a tie on game
days. Coach Carter knows he is coaching much more than basketball;
he is preparing these guys for life. If they do not honor these contracts,
they are not allowed to play, and he maintains this rule to teach them
that no one is above the law.
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