at Richmond would more than likely not graduate. Coach Carter wants
more for his players and aims to change their status in life. He teaches
them to refer to themselves and each other as Mr. or Sir, as a sign of
respect. He also knows they can do more with their lives after high
school. By locking them out of the gym and forcing them to study, he
challenges their current status and circumstances and pushes them to
be more and to raise their status is society.
With a position of leadership or influence comes an immense
amount of responsibility. All three of these coaches on film took on
great responsibility in their own way, making them great coaches. I
think it is important to remember that the good coach in iconic films,
in some ways, is derived from the movie characters we know as the
good teacher. Although their “classroom” may not be made up of four
walls, chairs and desks, their roles in the lives of young people are
equally important and should be recognized as such.
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