“The Speech”: Bringing the Underdogs Together
Emily Barber
Screenshot 11.3, Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks in Miracle (2004).
In every sports movie, there is the scene built around “the
speech.” The team is run down, teammates are fighting among
themselves, or players are nervous before a big game. The tension is
high, and it is up to the coach to deliver a speech that motivates and/or
unites the team. The music builds, and the team comes together as a
cohesive unit with the coach in the lead. The speech leaves not only the
players in the movie motivated and energized, but it has a similar
(though less intense) effect on the viewers as well. It is easy to recall
examples of these kinds of speeches in sports movies; Miracle (2004)
and Remember the Titans (2005) are both movies that come to mind when
I think of memorable coach speeches. In many ways, a coach is like a
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