out her students’ logical fallacies and begin the process of encouraging
them to see another way.
Coach Boone’s Gettysburg speech from Remember the Titans is
another great example of a different sort of encouragement. “I killed
my brother with malice in my heart. Hatred destroyed my family,” he
says. By comparing the Titans’ situation to a much more extreme
conflict, Coach Boone is able to portray the problems facing the team
as trivial, and in that way encourages the team to come together. This is
another example of taking a tough love approach to encouragement. By
bringing his team to a battleground, Coach Boone is able to draw a
meaningful parallel between the Civil War and the infighting plaguing
his team. This is the coach’s last-ditch effort to bring his team together
and remind the players that a house divided against itself cannot stand.
In Miracle, Coach Brooks’ encouragement comes in the form of
praise, something slightly out of character for the coach. During his
speech he says, “You were born to be hockey players, every one of you,
and you were meant to be here tonight.” This is arguably the most direct
form of encouragement out of the movies I have discussed in this
section so far. Coach Brooks chooses this form of encouragement most
likely due to the fact that it has been largely absent from his interactions
with the team up until this point. The shift causes his words to have an
even greater impact. The players may or may not have been expecting
this from their coach, and the fact that he uses positive compliments to
encourage his players may ease their nerves going into the game. The
compliment regarding their hockey ability may be especially
encouraging as they get ready to face hockey players who seem far
superior to them.
Recognition of External Social/Cultural Factors
Each of the movies discussed in this paper possess some kind
of larger social or cultural context that affects the way the
students/players interact with each other, how they learn, and how they
perceive the world around them. This connection to the outside world
gives each of these movies depth, so it is only natural that the
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