with the best in the world, winning a professional golf event, or winning
the United States Open Championship.
The portrayal of golf in Hollywood has taken on many different
forms. The sport of golf has been used as a focal point in comedies,
thrillers, romantic films and motivational movies. The film The Greatest
Game Ever Played, which is based on a true story, features Francis
Ouimet, a young, working class man who loves the game of golf. After
seeing Harry Vardon play (then the best golfer in the world), he falls in
love with the game. Working as a caddie at The Country Club in
Brookline, Massachusetts, as well as working for his father at the local
sporting goods store, Francis works on his golf game as a hobby.
Francis’s father is very much against his love of golf because of the lack
of money made as a professional, forcing him to give up the game.
When he receives his invitation to play in the United States Open
Championship, however, Francis goes against his father’s wishes and
enters the tournament in 1913.
Francis enters the big time, playing against the very best golfers
in the world, including his childhood hero Harry Vardon. Realizing that
he needs to assuage the pressures of such a high level of competition,
he has a ten-year-old boy named Eddie Lowry caddie for him. Looked
at as a sign of disrespect to the prestige of the tournament, the
tournament executives attempt to replace Eddie with a more
established caddie. Francis keeps Eddie on his bag, however, standing
up to the tournament directors and saying that Eddie is a vital part of
his tournament success. Francis knows that having a familiar, smiling
face by his side throughout the entirety of the tournament will help him
immensely. As the tournament continues to unfold, it is clear that
Francis has made the correct decision in keeping Eddie in the position.
While Eddie is young in age, he is extremely wise as a caddie.
Eddie is able to lead Francis to victory by repeating one little phrase
that he says throughout the entire movie, “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.”
Any time Francis hits a good shot or makes a good decision in his
actions on the course, Eddie repeats the catch phrase. By keeping
Francis’s mindset simple and uncluttered, Eddie helps Francis play to
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