his true potential. His demeanor also teaches Francis to keep a level
head and not let the nerves get the best of him while he is in the heat
of competition. Rather than seeing the best players in the world and
being frightened by the competition, this one phrase of Eddie’s grounds
Francis and reminds him of the most important lesson of golf: it is
simply a game.
Eddie is also able to help Francis with decisions on the course
as well. Without Eddie, Francis is seen to make brash decisions on the
golf course. Earlier in the movie, Francis plays golf with member at The
Country Club where he works as a caddie. While he plays extremely
well, he ends up shooting an 81 due to a 9 that he cards on just one
hole. Due to his immaturity and young age, one poor decision can kill
Francis’s entire round. In contrast, the unlikely wisdom of youthful
Eddie Lowry helps Francis manage his way around the golf course. This
transformation is seen toward the end of the movie when Francis and
Harry Vardon square off in a playoff for the United States Open
Championship title. Earlier in the tournament, Francis makes the
mistake of taking it over the trees on the 17th hole, causing him to make
a bogey. In the playoff, however, Eddie convinces Francis to lay up
while Harry Vardon goes for it. The result being that Francis beats
Harry on the hole, eventually giving Francis the tournament victory.
Without Eddie as a caddie for Francis, the result of the tournament
would be much different.
Just as The Hollywood Model suggests, Eddie develops a
personal relationship with Francis. Through this personal relationship,
Eddie learns a lot about Francis both as a golfer and a person. Eddie
also develops a trusting relationship with Francis, which is an invaluable
tool for a caddie to have with their player. By getting to know Francis
on a deeper level, Eddie is able to figure out what makes Francis play
the best golf. While some players may enjoy being more serious on the
course, Eddie figures out that keeping it light and upbeat works best for
Francis. Also, realizing that Francis likes to take unnecessary risks on
the golf course, Eddie manages that as well. Not only does The
Hollywood Model work for teachers of the classroom, it also is a pattern
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