level. Since this tournament is one of the biggest of the year, it is a
shocking development that Luke is battling with the best players in the
world down the stretch of the golf tournament. Rather than stressing
over each shot like he seemed to do with his father as caddie, Luke is
calm, cool, and collected with Johnny on his bag. With his newfound
confidence and poise, Luke beats the best player in the world to win the
Valero Texas Open.
I found this movie specifically intriguing because viewers can
see just how big of a difference a caddie can make even from one week
to another. Just as The Hollywood Model shows, individual students
need a unique method of mentorship to reach their full potential. When
his father is the caddie, Luke looks lost and scared. Rather than being
calm and confident, as all the best golfers in the world appear, he is
afraid, listening to his father’s advice even if he knows that what he
suggests is not the right shot to hit. With Johnny on the bag, it is far
different. Each decision is well thought out with little doubt and a
boatload of confidence. Johnny’s little saying, “See it. Feel it. Trust it,”
resonates with Luke, leading him to raise his game to his full capacity,
and he eventually sinks a putt on the last hole of the tournament to win
over T. K. Oh (K.J. Choi), who is the best player in the world. By
writing the acronym “SFT” on the side of his golf ball, Johnny helps
Luke get set for each individual shot, leading to a heightened level of
focus throughout the entire tournament.
Golf is a game that requires a great amount of practice day in
and day out. Due to the precision of the game, it is impossible to achieve
a high level of success without a certain amount of time dedicated to
the sport. In the film The Legend of Bagger Vance, the main character
Rannulph Junuh is a former golf standout from Savannah, Georgia.
After serving the United States Army during World War I, Junuh
returns traumatized because his entire squadron has been killed during
a gruesome battle. Returning from the war beaten and bruised
emotionally, he forgets about his life in Savannah and becomes a drunk.
Pushing golf and his girlfriend Adele Invergordon (Charlize Theron) to
the backburner, he becomes a recluse.
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