these characters. Taking a deeper look into the movie, Frankie sticks
with Maggie until the end of her last fight and, after that, to the end of
her life. Million Dollar Baby differs from other boxing movies for various
reasons, especially the fact that that the boxer is female, but the way
that the trainer functions as a teacher is consistent with the larger
pattern. One thing viewers learn from Frankie’s character alongside
Maggie is his respect for hard work inside and outside of the ring. He
respects Maggie because of her ability to work hard; other fighters turn
down opportunities to train while she never does, and Frankie teaches
her that a strong work ethic is the number one way to success in any
Taking the boxer from rock bottom to claim or to reclaim
personal and professional prize is something we have become
accustomed to in boxing movies, and Southpaw (2015) is no different.
Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhall) a character appropriately named is an
extremely successful boxer whose life takes a severe turn after his wife
Maureen (Rachel McAdams) is shot and killed at a weigh in for his
upcoming fight with his arch rival Miguel (Miguel Gomez). His life
changes forever, and he loses everything in his possession following a
raid on his home that uncovers firearms. He loses custody of his Leila
(Oona Laurence) then his sleazy agent Jordan Mains (50 CENT) leaves
him in the dirt with this inadequate explanation, “If it makes money it
makes sense.” Billy lives a terrible life for several months, renting a
barely furnished apartment and sleeping on a mattress alone. He soon
turns to the only thing he knows how to do, which is to box. He goes
to a rundown gym owned by Titus “Tick” Wills (Forest Whitaker) with
the hope that Tick will train him and try to get him back to the top of
the food chain in the boxing world. This is when Tick gives him the
greatest life lesson Billy could receive: the trainer gives the boxer a job
as a cleaner in order for him to gain some money while decreasing the
size of his ego, was intact to dangerous proportions even after
everything that happened to him. Tick also puts Billy in charge of the
kids in the gym, and the boxer begins to feel a sense of trust and
connection with these younger boxers. Tick supplies this life lesson so
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