that Billy will realize that boxing isn’t life there’s more to life then
boxing. Yet, at the same time, Tick knows that boxing is the only way
Billy can regain a normal life. It is all he really knows, and (like many of
the other protagonists in these movies) he has nothing else to replace
it, especially after his wife’s death. He is alone with nobody there to help
because his entourage, who were around him when fame and money
were abundant, have vanished like ghosts when his life takes a turn for
the worst. Tick brings him back to life in a way. As they first meet, the
trainer starves the athlete of boxing and takes him down a few notches.
One striking scene in particular is when Tick criticizes Billy’s
attitude in the gym. Tick aggressively lets Billy know that he’s doing all
this work for the kids so they don’t turn out like Billy. I think this strikes
a chord with Billy and makes him think of all the things he should be
doing in order to make himself better as well as setting an example for
the young people in the gym. Even with his trust issues after the terrible
things that happened before, Billy’s willing to let Tick into his life in
order to become his trainer. This, I feel, is the defining moment in their
relationship, it’s when the life lessons merge into boxing lessons. Tick
soon starts to work techniques, speed, and agility. Building on the life
lessons he teaches first, Tick starts to form the complete boxer that Billy
wants to become. He soon fights Miguel again, and although he
struggles through the fight, he manages to grind out a win in the end.
He achieves his goal of winning but also shows his strength as a person
by conquering his ultimate goal, which is to regain custody of his
daughter by showing he is in a better place than he was, which is all
thanks to the unsung teacher hero, the trainer Tick.
Not many times in movies do actors play the same character in
completely different films from different eras. Creed (2015) is the
anomaly. Sylvester Stallone plays Rocky, the trainer of Adonis
“Donnie” Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), who is the son of his arch
nemesis Apollo Creed. In this change of roles for Rocky, he becomes a
teacher for this young man, who is trying to find his way in boxing
circles after his father’s death. I think the start of the movie shows the
role that Rocky must play. Viewers meet Donnie first in a Los Angeles
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