things while watching a movie can make you better understand the
movie. Many people become fascinated by the masculinity of the boxers
and how strong they are physically, but in reality or at least in films
they are soft at heart. In many of the movies I mentioned above, boxers
fall deeply in love. Rocky falls in love with Adrian, Billy Hope is deeply
in love with his wife Maureen, and Donnie Johnson finds his girl in
Bianca. There’s one protagonist missing from this list, Maggie. She has
no real love interests, which links her to women teachers in the movies
who can’t successfully navigate both personal and professional lives but
must dedicate themselves to their work to succeed (Dalton 99-107). Her
real love is for the sport, and that spills over to her trainer (who is both
teacher and father figure), which shows the power of the relationship
she has with both. I find it interesting how the trainer is usually the main
helper in the live of these fighters in a public sense, but the women in
their lives also play an important role in their private lives. Southpaw
(2015) is probably the movie where this can be seen most directly;
Maureen tries to lead her husband out of the building, but he refuses
and she pays the ultimate price while he has to live with the guilt forever.
Life lessons are taught more easily through boxing than through
romantic relationships in these films because of the focus and previous
experiences of the boxer characters.
There’s one commonality among all the movies, and that is that
the trainer personalizes the curriculum of “how to be a good person”
by using boxing, which makes them some of the best teachers in sports
movies. Everything the trainers accomplish is through boxing. They
teach boxers patience, as we see in Rocky and Creed. They teach them
life skills through the medium of boxing. It’s similar to what we see in
teacher movies in the classroom. Teachers use different ways to interest
the children by teaching them the same material except in a way that’s
easier for them to understand by appealing to their interests. The
Hollywood Model portrays the good teacher in a way that can be
relatable to both the classroom and other forums for education, like the
boxing ring.
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