common theme found in many different types of movies and,
ultimately, one of the themes that inspires viewers of the film. Hoosiers
incorporates the rescue and redemption of several characters as
subplots; there is a town drunk, Wilber “Shooter” Flatch (Dennis
Hopper), who is the father of one player on the team and knows a lot
about basketball. He comes a long way to achieve sobriety and becomes
the assistant coach, which saves his life and earns the respect of his son.
There is also this six-foot tall player, who sits on the bench for the
whole season before making two crucial free throws.
Coach Dale has a temper and doesn’t always control himself,
which is an obstacle he must overcome. He dares to say anything to
anyone and defends his basketball philosophy against skeptics the
players, school faculty members, townspeople, and even referees
which makes him a coach who both causes trouble and achieves
greatness. Once Dale only sends four players on the court at a crucial
moment during a game just to penalize the player for not obeying his
tactics. “All of my players are on the court,” the coach says. Dale’s
boldness could encourage his players from the other side as well. At the
very beginning of the season, with six players on the team but not
Jimmy, Dale shows up at the gym to meet the fans. Chants of “We want
Jimmy!” fill the air; the team stands in the middle of the court as
pressure and hostility build. The coach answers in a firm tone, “I would
hope you would support who we are, not who we are not. These six
individuals have made a choice to work, a choice to sacrifice, to put
themselves on the line 23 nights in the next four months to represent
you and this high school. That kind of commitment and effort deserves
and demands your respect.” His words not only silence the town people
but also comfort his team with solid encouragement and confidence. If
I were one of those six standing together, I would give everything I have
to play for the coach.
Things become more serious than just basketball for Coach
Don Haskins, who harangues his team to play fundamental, disciplined,
defensive basketball in Glory Road, another movie based on a true sports
story. Coach Haskins and his team overcome more resistance and
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