Chapter 15
Breaking Bad: Walter White as the Unlikely “Good Mentor”
Bobby Jacowleff
Screen Shot 15.2, Jesse Pinkman’s failed exam from Walter White’s chemistry class in
Breaking Bad (2008-1013).
Throughout our years in school, we all had one or two teachers
who changed the way we thought and pushed us beyond our perceived
limits in the classroom. This teacher fostered unexpected academic
growth and had an impact on the rest of our lives. It should come as no
surprise that as these teachers exist in the real world or that they exist
on the big screens in Hollywood as well. As a result of the consistencies
among these teachers, The Hollywood Model of the “good teacher” has
been introduced in The Hollywood Curriculum: Teachers in the Movies. This
model asserts that the “good teacher” is someone who typically gets
personally involved with students, learns from their students, has
conflict with administration, personalizes the curriculum to fit their
students’ needs, and is viewed as an outsider who is not well-liked by
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