other similarities or overlapping of their lives exist elsewhere. Thus
setting up the expectation of finding real world mentors in environment
similar to coaching atmospheres.
Personal Involvement
While looking at The Hollywood Model, the personal
involvement aspect of the “good teacher” is described as a “teacher-
student relationships [that] vary in their degree of intimacy, but often
involve some sort of breaking the rules” (Dalton 28). Looking at the
mentorship roles in the selected movies, it appears that this pillar of the
“good teacher” is perfectly transferable to the “good mentor.”
Additionally, mentorship roles take this involvement a step further.
Rather than only being in school for about eight hours on weekdays,
mentors are on duty potentially around the clock. This allows much
deeper personal bonds to be built, thus causing a mentor to have such
a profound impact on the life of their mentee.
In Lethal Weapon, Murtaugh and Riggs begin their partnership
knowing close to nothing about each other. Murtaugh recognizes that
Riggs is unstable, and Riggs senses Murtaugh has an old school way of
going about business. Seemingly two personalities that would never
exist in harmony. Despite this incongruency, Riggs opens up to
Murtaugh about his suicidal thoughts in a way that makes the situation
very real for Murtaugh. Throughout the movie, Murtaugh invites Riggs
over for dinner, introduces him to his family, and hangs out with him
while off the clock. Murtaugh’s sincere care is what makes Riggs
reevaluate life and realize it is worth living. Their deep personal
involvement culminates in the movies final scenes as Riggs gives
Murtaugh a gift; the hollow-point bullet that he was saving for his
suicide, saying “I won’t be needing this anymore.”
Men in Black is yet another movie where the central characters
personalities are the antithesis of each other. Despite their differences,
as the movie progresses their lives become more and more deeply
intertwined. When Jay notices Kay watching the computer feed of his
wife that he was forced to leave behind, he inquires and learns about
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