Kay’s past. In doing so, he provides a sense of support that Kay had
not had before meeting Jay. Likewise, Kay gets to know Jay, and in
doing so sees him not as a young kid, but as an equal. This results in
Kay constantly referring to him as “ace,” as opposed to everyone else
in Jay’s work-life who merely refer to him as “junior.”
The Silence of the Lambs is not unique in this aspect either.
Crawford’s mentoring relationship with Starling progresses throughout
the movie to the point where Crawford is a pseudo father figure to
Starling. Throughout the movie he constantly encourages the young
FBI trainee, valuing her work when others dismiss it. He praises her
work in the classroom when she was a student of his, “I remember you
from my seminar at UVA. You grilled me pretty hard, as I recall, on the
bureau's civil rights record in the Hoover years. I gave you an A.” And
he praises her work in the field, “You know we wouldn’t have been able
to catch him without you.” His behavior toward her is almost paternal,
which provides evidence of just how involved Crawford has become in
Starling’s life.
The deep personal involvement in these relationships is vital
once the initial foundation has been laid. You don’t just see a mentor
during the hours of school every day, you are involved with them
around the clock. Thus, without a deep involvement in each other’s
personal lives, a mentorship would fall flat and simply be superficial.
This would create an environment where the mentorship role would be
unable to progress far enough to hit any of the other traits of the “good
mentor.” Thus evidencing the personal involvement trait as a building
block for the rest of the model.
While examining the implications of the personal involvement
trait on real life, I believe the biggest effect is that it causes people to
open up more to a potential mentor. As mentors in movies are
portrayed with such a deep personal involvement to their mentee, it sets
the expectation for real life. While this effect may not be overt and
consciously comprehended, I believe exists nonetheless. Thus making
an individual more likely to reach out and share personal connections
or relevant information with a mentor or potential mentor in their life.
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