The Silence of the Lambs enacts this principle as well, as Crawford
struggles with the morality of constant lies. As the film opens, Crawford
sends Starling to serial killer Hannibal Lector’s prison cell in order to
see if he has information on the serial killer Buffalo Bill. Despite his
goal, he does not tell Starling, and even outwardly lies to her and denies
it. Later on, Crawford reveals to Starling that he had lied to her in order
to protect her when meeting with Lector. Knowing that Lector would
toy with her and devastate her emotionally if he sensed she had come
with an agenda. Additionally, throughout the film, Crawford lies to
countless other members of the FBI and justice system in order to
assure Starling’s safety and allow her to accomplish her job.
Dealing with right versus wrong is a trait that is unique to
mentors when comparing them to The Hollywood Model. Yet, I believe
its existence is easily explainable. As I am looking predominantly at
mentors who are involved with the law, it becomes rather apparent
there is a lot of grey area. And when tasked choosing ethics or their
protégé, the “good mentor” does not even hesitate and does what will
help their mentee the most, and ultimately keep them safe. The
tendency to stray into moral grey areas may make the title of “good
mentor” a bit surprising for some. Therefore, it is important to note
that at the end of the day, the “good mentor” only blurs the line
between right and wrong when they are acting to keep their mentee
The tension with right versus wrong creates perhaps the most
severe implication while expounding the “good mentor” on Hollywood
screens to the real world. This trait creates a moral ambiguity which
could have a negative impact on young viewers. I believe the negative
impact would stem from an implicit expectation that mentors may not
conform to ethical standards. This expectation would set the stage for
a mentor type figure in someone’s life to be unjustly unethical, and
perhaps have a severe negative impact on someone’s life.
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