Mutual Learning
The Hollywood Model suggests that “Teachers in the movies
usually end up learning valuable lessons from their students” (Dalton
32). This represents another aspect of the “good teacher” that also
transcends the “good mentor,” and exemplifies the broad application
of The Hollywood Model. Mentoring in movies is not a one way street.
Rather a complicated relationship that hinges on the exchange of ideas
and challenging each other at nearly every step of the way.
In Lethal Weapon the give and take with Murtaugh and Riggs
propels both their careers and relationship. Murtaugh is very procedural
in his ways. Turning over every rock and eliminating every possibility
until narrowing in on suspects. While Riggs will bust a door down guns
blazing, just on a hunch. Through Murtaugh’s mentoring of Riggs, he
is able to evidence the value of true police work by the results and added
safety it yields. When the roles reverse and Murtaugh’s daughter is
kidnapped, leaving Murtaugh in distress, Riggs steps in and teaches him
how to think quick, escape deadly situations, and still reach your end
goal. Initially, both one dimensional cops, by challenging each other’s
thinking and trying each other’s ideas they both are able to become
more full characters, both as cops and as people.
The lessons that Kay and Jay teach each other throughout Men
in Black are vital to not only their relationship, but to the completion of
their mission as well. As each character is introduced to us, both of their
personalities become readily apparent. Kay is hardly the least bit
personable or even aware of those around him. On the other hand Jay
is eager to run up to people and make an impression. This dichotomy
becomes balanced out as Kay frequently tells Jay to slow down and to
“give people time to make the wrong impression, it makes [our job]
easier.” Simultaneously, Jay teaches Kay to work on his people skills
throughout the movie and shows, by example, what a profound positive
impact it can have.
In The Silence of the Lambs Starling questions, challenges, and
pushes Crawford throughout the entire film. In opening scenes, we
learn that this is not different than how she acted as a student in
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