Crawford’s class, constantly “grilling” him over material. As the movie
goes on, so does Crawford and Starling’s mutual learning. As just a
trainee, there is a lot Starling does not know about fieldwork. Every
time she needs it, Crawford is right there pushing her in the right
direction, and inquiring about the basis of each of her hunches, as to
make them more cohesive. Likewise, Starling does not behave like the
typical trainee, checking Crawford any moment she sees fit. She
questions his methods of forcing a police chief to leave the scene by
telling him the gory details cannot be discussed in front of a woman, “It
matters Mr. Crawford, cops look at you to see how to act.” In this
moment, Starling teaches Crawford to change the way he acts. Likewise,
throughout the movie she teaches him to change the way he thinks as
she questions each assumption he makes about Buffalo Bill. Ultimately,
her intuitions prove correct, as Crawford declares, “We wouldn’t have
found him without you. Nobody’s going to forget that. Least of all me.”
Mutual learning is the trait of the “good mentor” that I believe
has the most positive cultural significance when translated to the real
world. The implication that it carries is that it can cause people to be
more willing to exchange ideas with a mentor. I believe that in any
situation where you believe you have a mentor, there is an expectation
that they will both teach and guide you in life. But I do not believe a
person would have the expectation to teach their mentor as well. Thus
I believe this trait of the “good mentor” is so important, as it may
prompt individuals to not shy away from exchanging ideas with a
mentor that perhaps will teach their mentor something and create a
stronger bond.
Walter White
Egotistical. Drug Lord. The Danger. Ruthless. All words that
describe Walter White. Throughout much of Breaking Bad he is the most
wanted man in New Mexico. He lies, steals, and murders. Nonetheless,
I would assert that he is the “good mentor.” While defining the traits of
the “good mentor” thus far, I have stayed on one side of the law. While
testing the validity of the characteristics I have presented, it should be
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