clear that they must be applicable beyond that narrow scope. And there
is no bigger dichotomy from law enforcement than a man who is an
international drug lord.
As I asserted earlier, a life overlap between the mentor and his
protégé must exist in order for the two to initially come together
organically, as no strong mentoring relationship can be synthesized in a
lab, unlike Walt’s 100-percent, pure methamphetamine. Starting with
Walt, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and was enduring a
deteriorating marriage. Looking at Jesse, he was a high school dropout
who had been kicked out of his home by his parents, and had begun
selling drugs, unsuccessfully at that. Walt and Jesse were both desperate,
but for entirely different reasons. Nevertheless, the shared current state
of their lives pushed them together, forming one of the most iconic
duos of 21st century television.
As a result of this commonality, it didn’t take long for Walt and
Jesse to become personally involved. While in the desert cooking meth,
it does not take long for the two to become personally acquainted. Jesse
learns of Walt’s cancer diagnosis and is able to make sense of his rash
actions, while Walt learns of Jesse’s struggling life and can tell he needs
guidance. As the show progresses, Jesse becomes a son to Walt.
Arguably even more so than Walt Jr., Walt’s actual son. There are many
ups and downs in their relationship, but throughout all of them, only a
few things hold steady. Walt will not cook meth without Jesse, and Jesse
will not allow anyone to kill Walt. For better or worse, through thick
and thin, they are partners from the pilot episode to the closing credit.
When Jesse wishes to remove himself from the meth business, Walt
brings $5 million dollars in cash to his door unprompted, to give him
his share. When Jesse spirals out of control with heroin addiction, Walt
pays for his rehab and will not give Jesse the money he demands until
he can prove his sobriety. Peeling a layer beyond some of Walt’s
outward actions, it is clear that he genuinely cares for Jesse. Likewise,
Jesse does not hesitate to kill for Walt to keep him alive. Furthermore,
he knows more about Walt than even Walt’s own wife or son. Being on
the other side of the law perhaps strengthens the personal involvement
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