so many stereotypes, however, that they cannot all be solved with a few
progressive movies.
One of the more ambiguous stereotypes Hollywood portrays
involves the dreaded parent-teacher relationship. Although parents
typically do not take the major roles in many teacher movies, it seems
that when they do, conflict quickly ensues. For decades, Hollywood has
perpetuated the idea that parents and teachers fail to have healthy
relationships. This storyline has been so heavily used, that we often
assume relationships between parents and teachers must always be
burdensome in life beyond the screen. That being said, studies show
that despite the negative relationships Hollywood portrays, teachers and
parents actually work together to display competence among
themselves (Pillet-Shore 1). Personally, I believed parents and teachers
always held relationships with turbidity until my sister Lauren became a
teacher two short years ago. I remember watching her write at least 20
drafts of an e-mail to introduce herself to the parents of her first class.
She was paranoid that the parents would not like her, and after the first
week of walking on eggshells, she was nervous about her upcoming
teacher conferences. Despite her initial fear, my sister realized quickly
into her meetings that she was not facing an angry mob but, rather, a
group of supportive parents. Shocked at how parents were enthusiastic
about helping, my sister has yet to have a single parent-teacher conflict
ever since that day. Looking at my sister’s experience, it is intriguing to
me that she had such an ingrained stereotype that was completely
flipped. Her encounters have demonstrated parents to be nothing but
helpful aids with the same goals she holds for education, begging the
question, if a majority of parent teacher relationships exist without
conflict, why does Hollywood perpetuate the idea that parents and
teachers can never be harmonious?
When educators and parents are on the same page, so many
benefits can occur, so why has this not been explored in films to reset
expectations? Although it is the traditional structure that conflict drives
the plot forward, movies have grown in depth and perspective, which
means it is time to integrate positive parent-teacher relationships into
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