Looking specifically at School of Rock, Teachers, Dangerous Minds,
and High School Musical, it is clear that although the teacher-parent
conflicts help drive the movie plots forward, they also create negative
stereotypes, fail to challenge the Hollywood norm, and even expose
children to conflicting viewpoints. If these two roles of parents and
teachers are so positive in our lives, why can Hollywood not seem to
properly place them together? Putting such key role models in students’
lives at odds with one another may leave the student confused, insecure,
and unsure of whom to follow. In each of those movies, parent-teacher
conflict says negative things about diversity, support, teacher roles,
parenting styles, and many more topics. This is particularly concerning
as High School Musical and School of Rock are directed toward younger
viewers. Overall, as the film industry continues to find new ways to
expand viewer’s minds, this constant theme of parents vs. teachers is
amplified through repetition and reinforces many harmful messages for
viewers of all ages. Hopefully, as technology and mindsets continue to
develop, Hollywood will finally be able to create a series of films in
which two role models work together for the advancement of education
and overall quality of life.
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