School of Rock:
Dewey Finn “Rocks” the Standardization of Schooling
Madeline Leadem
Screenshot 19.1, Jack Black as Dewey Finn and Joey Gaydos Jr. as Zack in School of Rock
I had seen the movie School of Rock (2003) several times, but
watching the play in London in 2016 made me fall in love with the story
all over again. Watching the movie as a kid, it was very entertaining, and
I always thought the students at the school in the movie were lucky to
have such a fun substitute teacher who didn’t make them do any work
and offered them recess every day. As a student in elementary school,
this would have been a dream come true! Watching the movie over
again, as an older student, I have a different view of Dewey Finn’s (Jack
Black) teaching methods. I no longer wish for recess, but I now
appreciate the passion and dedication that he put into teaching his
students. He challenges the standardization that is prevalent in school
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