anyway, creating tension with the administration. Viewers can tell that
he doesn’t get along with the other teachers because it is evident that
the students actually like him. At the faculty lunch table one day, one of
the students comes up to Finn and says, “Mr. Schneebley, I just wanted
to say that was a really cool lesson today.” All of the other teachers just
look at him a bit confused at the rarity of a student complimenting the
teacher’s lesson of the day.
An example of Finn conforming to The Hollywood Model is
how he creates a personalized curriculum by developing an impromptu
lesson on writing a rock song. He decides to teach this lesson after
witnessing Zack (Joey Gaydos, Jr.) and his father getting into an
argument at the beginning of the school day. The father lectures his son
on finishing his homework, getting rid of his bad attitude, and forbids
him to play or listen to rock music. Zack seems upset during class and
has his head on the desk, so Finn poses a question to his students asking
what makes them mad. This is the beginning of the song they compose
titled, “Ticked Off.” The students start saying things that make them
mad, like doing their chores, or not getting allowance, and they put
these frustrations into a song. Everyone in the class is taking part in
singing and creating the song, and by the end of the class, everyone is
laughing, feeling empowered, and Zack definitely feels better about
himself and his argument with his dad. This is an example of Finn
creating a personalized curriculum and building relationships with
students that definitely make a positive impact on their lives. The sense
of fulfillment that Finn receives from the interaction is evident as he
realizes the positive impact he has had on these students. This is when
his teaching skills kick into full gear, and the process for him and his
students becomes mutually beneficial.
Throughout the rest of the film, viewers see Finn passionately
teaching his rock-and-roll curriculum and becoming more and more
dedicated to the students and the class in the process. This is expressed
through the relationships he develops with the students and his teaching
practice of providing the students with music lessons, rock history, and
challenging questions. At the end of the film, the class competes in the
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