Battle of the Bands and performs the song that Zack wrote, called
“School of Rock.” Although they lose the competition, the impact that
Finn has on the students is evident. Finn sulks in the corner as the
winning team is brought on stage to receive the prize. All of the students
run up to him and say lines in succession, “Chill out, dude! Rock isn’t
about getting an A. The Sex Pistols never won anything. Don’t let The
Man get you down. Dude, you gotta cheer up, we played a kick-ass
show.” This is when Finn realizes the deep impact he is having on these
students. Now, they are using his lessons to help him. The crowd starts
cheering for School of Rock and demands an encore, which is when
Finn and the students know that they really won the competition.
Another example of Finn realizing that he is getting through to
his students is when Summer, the original grade grubber, comes up to
congratulate him after the show. The teacher says she deserves to
receive an A+ and 50 gold stars for her hard work, but she insists that
she did not do it for the grades. Summer is able to put her obsession
with being the best and scoring the highest grades to the side and
appreciate the experience. This is a great example of the influence that
Finn has on the students, and it brings with it his realization that some
of his efforts to break the oppressive standardization of the institution
have had a positive effect on the kids. Rather than doing things for the
result of a grade, they are doing it for the experience and enjoyment.
This is one of the elements I really appreciate about this film. I don’t
believe that standardized curricula are always the best approach.
Receiving good grades is part of conforming to the standardization of
the school system, but it doesn’t mean that students are engaged and
actually taking value from the lessons and experiences that are supposed
to comprise their learning. I’m not saying that Finn’s method of
teaching is always correct, but in this situation, it is obvious that the
students are fully engaged and learn a lot from the experience that will
serve them well moving forward.
The movie School of Rock definitely takes a different approach to
education. It raises an important point and shows how essential it is to
teach students to look more inwardly and less outwardly. In some cases,
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