so focused on standardized tests and formally trained educators. Finn
proves that impractical candidates can be a teachers, so long as they are
passionate in a topic and can convey their passion to their students as
well as some of the traits of a good teacher, like becoming personally
involved with students, learning from students, and creating a
personalized curriculum (Dalton 39). Finn even receives recognition
from the students, Principal Mullins, and shockingly approval from
his students’ parents. At the beginning of the film, viewers assume it
will just be a movie about a worn out rock and roller scamming his way
into a teaching position just to get some extra money. This film is much
more than that, however. School of Rock shows how the student-teacher
relationship can be mutually beneficial and how passion is one of the
most important characteristics a teacher can have. Jack Black’s character
has the ability to break the standards of education and actually educate
the students rather than school the students in the traditional prep
school manner.
In an effort to connect with, develop relationships with, and
teach students, teachers don’t have to follow the traditional curriculum
or school rules. Dewey Finn exemplifies this theory in his role as a
substitute teacher at a strict private school. In the beginning of the
movie, he exemplifies many of the qualities of a “bad” teacher because
he is very unusual and breaks the mold of a typical teacher, but in the
end he truly makes a difference in these students’ lives by creating his
own curriculum, developing innovative teaching methods, and
disregarding the stringent regulations of the school, which are upheld
by the other teachers. His habits as a “bad” teacher lead him to teach
the kids about his passion of music and encourage them to follow their
own dreams, which are even put down by their parents. At the end of
the movie, he begins to exemplify some of the qualities of a “good
teacher.” While this progression is not entirely realistic, I think there are
elements that real teachers should make note of and incorporate into
their classrooms.
One lesson that all teachers can take from Dewey Finn as a
teacher is to emulate his passion, which is one of the things that makes
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