the students engaged, encouraged, and interested in the subject that he
is teaching. Passion is an element that can be lost among teachers who
are following a strict curriculum and school rules, but it is an important
element in the success of education. All in all, education can and should
be fun. If there’s one thing teachers should learn from this movie, it’s
that standardization and conformity are not always the best methods
for teaching. Just because a school board or group of teachers think
these methods are correct, they obviously don’t apply to every type of
student. Dewey Finn takes the role of a teacher to a whole new level
and, most importantly, listens to his students. According to Dewey,
when asked about his “unusual” teaching style, he claims it is
“experimental education.” When told to just “stick to the curriculum,”
he stands his ground and finds a way to cover up his lack of teaching to
the curriculum in an effort to get through to the students and teach
them valuable life lessons.
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