eventually help them hone their academic prowess. The team not only
goes on to have a highly successful season in debate competitions, but
debaters also learns a number of lessons about the challenges of racism
and sexism and how those obstacles can be overcome with Professor
Tolson’s help. In both cases, these good teachers as tutors cultivate the
talent the academically superlative students naturally possess and give
them the academic tools they need in addition to emotional support and
advice, a combination that ultimately produces an academic
achievement and/or personal accomplishment.
On the other hand, the good teacher as a coach model comes
to fruition in many sports movies, such as Miracle (2004), Remember the
Titans (2000), The Blind Side (2009), and more in which students are
superlative in various sporting activities rather than academics. A
number of these films, however, feature a variety of students with a
diverse range of talents in other specialties outside the classroom or the
sports arena. For example, in Billy Elliot (2000), the 11-year-old
eponymous character (played by Jamie Bell) discovers his passion and
talent for ballet, but his father pushes him into the sport of boxing
instead. Billy takes ballet classes behind his father’s back, receiving
support and tutoring in the field from Mrs. Wilkinson (Julie Walters),
who picks up on and fosters not only his skill but his passion for the art
form that eventually lands him a coveted spot in London’s Royal Ballet
School. In Queen of Katwe (2016), Phiona Mutesi (Madina Nalwanga), a
young girl from the Ugandan slums, appears to have an innate knack
for the game of chess when introduced to it for the first time at the age
of ten by missionary Robert Katende (David Oyelowo). When Katende
sees this natural ability appear for the first time, he guides her
emotionally and coaches her mental chess skills so that she becomes
one of the top chess players in the country. In both cases, though the
students are not necessarily academically gifted but instead superlative
in some other unique niche, an adult in their lives steps into this good
teacher as a coach model to support the students and to shape their
natural gifts into tangible achievements.
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