When Professors Cross the Line:
Higher Education or Exploitation?
Lindsay Ricciardelli
Screenshot 2.4, Stellan Skarsgård as Professor Lambeau in Good Will Hunting (1997).
My overall experience with professors so far in college has been
ideal. Yes, I have received my fair share of dismal grades and have had
to reluctantly accept a professor’s strict absence policy during one of
my many hospital stays throughout my college career. More
importantly, though, I have had the privilege of studying under some
of the most respected scholars I will meet throughout my entire life. On
one hand, there are the mathematics professors I hope to pursue
statistical research with in the near future, who listen to all of my fervent
tangents on non-metric multidimensional scaling’s many applications to
the multitude of invisible networks that surround us. Then, on the other
hand, there are also the professors in the Communication Department
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