From Hollywood to Bollywood:
Cultural Adaptation of the Good Teacher Model
Aaseesdeep Kaur
Screenshot 3.2, Darsheel Safary as Ishaan and Aamir Khan as his art teacher in Taare
Zameen Par (Like Stars on Earth, 2007).
Good teachers are universal, both in reality and in movies and
television. Defining a good teacher can differ depending on culture,
student’s needs, and what a society deems to be a teacher’s role. In Mary
M. Dalton’s The Hollywood Curriculum, the depiction of a good teacher
according to Hollywood is based on a criterion of five elements
including: teacher as an outsider, personally involved with students,
teachers learning from students, tension between the teacher and
administration, and a personalized curriculum (Dalton 24). Known as
The Hollywood Model, these traits associated with the good teacher in
movies can be applied not only to a series of Hollywood productions
but also to some international films as well, specifically Bollywood
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