his constant punishment from his teachers. Nikumbh looks through
Ishaan’s tests and assignments and notices patterns of dyslexia, which
he is emotionally attached to since he struggled with the condition as a
child. He goes even further and travels to Ishaan’s house to explain his
disability to his parents. While his revelation is met with initial disbelief
and confusion, he passionately explains dyslexia to the boy’s family and
connects with them on an emotional level.
In addition to the interest he takes in Ishaan, the teacher
vouches for him to the principal, who is ready to dismiss Ishaan from
the school due to the numerous teacher complaints about him.
Nikumbh also tells Ishaan he, too, has dyslexia to reach out to him and
make him feel less alone. Additionally, he works with Ishaan to help
him overcome his disability. Through personalized methods that
incorporate art, Nikumbh improves Ishaan’s reading and writing skills,
which have been holding him back academically and causing his
depression. In conjunction with improving his academics, Nikumbh
inspires Ishaan to pursue his art again.
Through his care and determination, Nikumbh changes
Ishaan’s life and the views of everyone who doubts the boy. Before
Nikumbh’s influence, Ishaan is defeated. The people in his life
continuously make him feel worthless, which finally crushes him. With
Nikumbh’s compassion and faith in Ishaan, however, the teacher makes
the boy into a better student and rejuvenates his love of art. Nikumbh
sees and nurtures Ishaan’s potential, making sure it will not be
overlooked once again.
Teachers Learning from Students
The lessons Nikumbh learns from his teaching experience with
Ishaan is an extension of his already aware and compassionate persona.
Ishaan teaches Nikumbh that every child has potential and talent, the
expression of which only depends on the attention the child receives.
Nikumbh sees himself in Ishaan, a young, struggling dyslexic boy. The
teacher is in constant awe of his student and continues to solidify his
belief that every child is special and unique. Nikumbh’s compassionate
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