personality multiplies through his selfless aid to both Ishaan and the
disabled children at The Tulip School, the school at which he previously
One criticism of this film in relation to The Hollywood Model
is that Ram Shankar Nikumbh has virtually no flaws. The good teachers
in Hollywood films frequently have to overcome problems inside and
outside of the classroom, which provides conflicts that are part of the
dramatic structure of the narrative. The same is not true in this movie,
which focuses on the teacher’s passion for children’s education,
including art and creative expression, and his view that every child has
potential. Throughout the film, he selflessly works overtime to help
Ishaan become a better student. Additionally, the movie also provides
glimpses of him teaching at his previous job at a school for mentally
disabled children, The Tulip School. Even after he earns a teaching
position at New Era High School, he continues to work at The Tulip
School, another noble act.
Tension between the Teacher and Administration
In comparison to the other criteria, this is the one Nikumbh fits
the least, and the tension found between teachers and administrators in
Hollywood films reflects the individualism of American culture. The
interaction between Nikumbh and the school’s principal (M.K. Raina)
is limited and fairly positive. The best way to describe the principal’s
reaction to Nikumbh’s support of Ishaan, a “bad” student in the eyes
of other teachers, is hesitancy. The principal believes that Ishaan does
not belong at the school due to his poor academic performance and
consistent complaints from teachers. Nikumbh convinces the principal
to give Ishaan another chance with the promise that he will personally
devote time to helping him improve academically.
Additionally, Nikumbh pitches the idea of a school-wide
painting competition for faculty and students, which the principal
uncertainly agrees to allow. On the day of the competition, the principal
is overjoyed by the outcome and congratulates Nikumbh on his
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