case of Taare Zameen Par and the Indian education system, the
Hollywood model was appropriate because it is a stark difference to the
teaching norm in India that was excluding children who were unable to
learn in a disciplined and impersonal setting. In evaluating Ram Shankar
Nikumbh, it is apparent that he fits the role of Hollywood’s “good
teacher,” expanding the genre of good teacher movies to an
international scale. Good teachers, both that fit the Hollywood model
and those that create their own criteria, can be found in films spanning
an array of countries and cultures. While the good teacher movies that
contribute to the Hollywood model represent American cultural and
educational norms, they are in no means the right model for education
across cultures. In the case of Taare Zameen Par, Nikumbh’s role
demonstrates that the Good Teacher Model can apply to international
movies, and is not solely useful in evaluating Hollywood teacher
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