We want to acknowledge those who have helped us produce this
anthology. First and foremost, we are grateful to Bill Kane and Library
Partners Press for guidance on all matters related to the publication of
the book. Without Bill, this project would not have happened.
The faculty and staff at Z. Smith Reynolds Library are beyond compare.
Molly Keener advised us ably on copyright and fair use. Our technical
consultant Hu Womack led the effort to help us bring images to the
The editorial assistance of Caitlin Herlihy helped in the final push to get
the volume together; the extra assistance of Allison Kleinman and
Alexandra Harper on the Works Cited and the List of Media Cited, and
the above and beyond the call of duty help from Alexandra Harper on
organizing terms for the Index was greatly appreciated. Both Allison
(Allie) and Alexandra (Ally) are veterans of the Critical Media Studies
series since both contributed valuable work to our first volume in the
series, Student Essays on The Wire.
We appreciate the collegiality of everyone in the Wake Forest University
Department of Communication and in the Film and Media Studies
Program. Notably, our departmental support staff performs in vital but
often invisible ways to support us weekly if not daily. No one keeps us
all on track better than Candice Burris and Holly Stearne.
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