assumptions and form compelling arguments. Now at Wake Forest, I’ve
taken two finance courses with Professor Deon Strickland. I hold
generally low expectations for most math-related courses (which may
seem problematic for a finance major). Frankly, I don’t find anything
stimulating in using complicated algebra to find the present value of a
company or immunize a bond to get rid of risk. Professor Strickland
has a skill in counteracting my expectations of math and breaking the
monotony. He creates hilarious analogies that relate what we are
learning in the classroom then regales us with stories about his family
or finds ways to tie our learning experience to his own studies in college.
If a teacher wants to use comedy in the classroom, I believe that
teachers in film make the case that the incongruity theory is the most
proven approach. As opposed to the comedic approach of Mr.
Shneebly and Ms. Norbury, Keating and Conroy are both effective
because the incongruity theory able them to breakdown the
expectations of their students. From kids on penniless islands to prep
students of wealth and power, the incongruity approach to teaching
creates significant outcomes in all types of environments because
students learn to aspire for more. I think that teaching is a very fulfilling
job and something I want to do at some point. Leaving a legacy by
having a profound and positive impact on the next generation seems is
essential for the survival of our culture, and something that I think is
satisfying. When reflecting on teachers in film and my own experience,
I do believe that comedy is the best approach to teaching and definitely
an approach that I would like to take. It allows the teacher to suspend
the conventional classroom as students learn without realizing how
much they’re absorbing. When deciding what type of humor to use, I
think that the incongruity approach is the strongest. Of the three
theories of humor, the incongruity theory holds the power in making
kids rethink their expectations and form new perspectives, and that is
the best lesson to teach.
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