I. Good Teachers: Complicating The Hollywood Model, pp. 7-63
1. Inside the Box: Four Types of Students and One Type of
Good Teacher, Alexis Schmittlein, 7
2. When Professors Cross the Line: Higher Education or
Exploitation?, Lindsay Ricciardelli, 27
3. From Hollywood to Bollywood: Cultural Adaptation of the
Good Teacher Model, Aaseesdeep Kaur, 37
4. Set-Up, Punchline, Learn: The Incongruity Theory of
Comedy in Film, Ben Levine, 47
5. A Tribute to My Very Own Hollywood Teacher
Hana Polizzotto, 57
II. Unlikely Teachers: From Boot Camp to the Newsroom, pp. 64-83
6. Discipline Remastered: Analyzing the Distinctive Methods
used by Drill Instructors in Popular Culture , Robert
Shaw, 64
7. Shining a Spotlight: The Teaching Function of Journalists in the
Movies, Allison Kleinman, 76
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